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Admission Portal Opens December As NUC Approves 50 Courses For Emmanuel Alayande University Of Education, Oyo


The National Universities Commission, the regulatory body for Nigerian Universities has approved the establishment of a full-time mode for the commencement of 50 programmes for 2023/2024 Academic Session for the Emmanuel Alayande University of Education, Oyo.

In a letter with reference number NUP/AP/S60/Vol.1/03 dated 22 November, 2023 addressed to the Vice Chancellor, Emmanuel Alayande University of Education, Oyo, signed by Mr. Abubakar M. Girei, Ag. Director, Academic Planning on behalf of the Ag. Executive Secretary and made available by the University’s Media & Public Relations Officer, ‘Wale Adeoye, it reads in part, “The Vice Chancellor is please invited to recall that a resource verification visit was carried out by panels of experts to the proposed academic programme in Emmanuel Alayande University of Education, Oyo State with a view to assessing the human and material resources available for its establishment.

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“I am directed to inform the Vice Chancellor that the Ag. Executive Secretary has considered and approved the establishment of the full-time mode of the following undergraduate programmes , to be run in the main campus of the University with effect from 2023 academic session.”


1. Department of African languages and Arabic Education (3 Programmes)
1) B.A. (Ed.) Arabic Education
2) B.A. (Ed.) Yoruba
3) B.A. (Ed.) Hausa

2. Department of European languages Education (3 Programmes)
4) B.A. (Ed.) English/Literature in English
5) B.A. English Language and Literary Studies
6) B.A. (Ed.) French

3. Department of History and Religious Education (3 Programmes)
7) B.A. (Ed.) Christian Religious Studies
8) B.A. (Ed.) Islamic Studies
9) B.A. (Ed.) History and International Studies

4. Department of Creative Arts Education (4 Programmes)
10) B.A. (Ed.) Creative Arts Education
11) B.A. (Ed.) Music
12) B.A. (Ed.) Fine and Applied Arts
13) B.A. (Ed.) Theatre Arts


5. Department of Biology and Integrated Science Education (2 Programmes)
14) B.Sc. Biology
15) B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology Education
16) B.Sc. (Ed.) Integrated Science

6. Department of Physical Sciences Education (3 Programmes)
17) B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry Education
18) B.Sc. Chemistry
19) B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics Education

7. Department of Mathematics and Computing Science Education (3 Programmes)
20) B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics Education
21) B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science Education
22) B.Sc. Computer Science

8. Department of Human Kinetics (2 Programmes)
23) B.Sc. (Ed.) Health Education
24) B.Sc. (Ed.) Human Kinetics/Physical Education

9. Department of Economics Education (2 Programmes)
25) B.Sc. (Ed.) Economic Education
26) B.Sc. Economics

10. Department of Geography and Environmental Education (2 Programmes)
27) B.Sc. (Ed.) Environmental Education
28) B.Sc. (Ed.) Geography Education

11. Department of Political Science Education (2 Programmes)
29) B.Sc. (Ed.) Political Science Education
30) B.Sc. Political Science

12. Department of Social Studies and Civic Education (2 Programmes)
31) B.Sc. (Ed.) Social Works
32) B.Sc. (Ed.) Social Studies and Civic Education

13. Department of Special Education and Guidance and Counselling (2 Programmes)
33) B. Ed. Special Education
34) B. Ed. Guidance and Counselling

14. Department of Adult and Nonformal Education (1 Programme)
35) B.Ed. Adult and Continuing Education

15. Department of Educational Foundations and Early Childhood Education (2 Programmes)
36) B.Ed. Early Childhood Education
37) B.Ed. Primary Education

16. Department of Educational Management, Library and Information Science (3 Programmes)
38) B.Ed. Educational Management
39) B.Ed. Educational Technology
40) B.LIS. Library and Information Science

17. Department of Technology Education (5 Programmes)
41) B. Tech. (Ed.) Building Technology Education
42) B. Tech. (Ed.) Metal Work Technology Education
43) B. Tech. (Ed.) Automobile Technology Education
44) B. Tech. (Ed.) Woodwork Technology Education
45) B. Tech. (Ed.) Electrical/Electronics Technology Education

18. Department of Agricultural Science Education (2 Programmes)
46) B.Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Science Education

19. Department of Home Economics Education (1 Programme)
47) B.Sc. (Ed.) Home Economics Education

20. Department of Business and Entrepreneurship Education (3 Programmes)
48) B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education
49) B.Sc. (Ed.) Entrepreneurship Education
50) B.Sc. Accounting

Reacting to the approval, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Olanrewaju Olaniyan expresses his profound appreciation to the Ag. Executive Secretary and his team for giving speedy approval to the 50 proposed academic programmes presented by the institution.

“My management and I are very appreciative to His Excellency, Engr. Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde, FNSE for creating an enabling environment for the institution to operate. Honestly, I am delighted with the huge support we received before, during and after the exercise from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology being led by Professor Salihu Abdulwaheed Adelabu. The Honourable Commissioner even found time to visit us ahead of the exercise. While specially thanking my Management team and all staff for their support, I assure our prospective students that Admission portal opens, December 2023*, he concluded.

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