Adesokan Contributed To UCH Mosque’s Construction • May Be Buried At Eternal Homes


    Rasheed Adesokan, late Baale of Bodija, would be buried tomorrow March 26th, 2023.

    Adesokan died Saturday afternoon at the University College Hospital, UCH.

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    His remains would be prayed upon at the UCH, Central Mosque in the morning before he would be interred at Eternal Homes, Motunde, AFIJIO, a family member who didn’t want name mentioned told OYOINSIGHT.COM.

    Dr. Abbas Abdus-salam, chairman of the UCH Muslim Community, who spoke for the Governing Council of the Islamic Centre, said the Baale was one of the biggest individual donor to the construction of the UCH Mosque.


    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent and the Most Merciful.

    It is from Allah we came, and it is onto him is our ultimate return.

    This is to announce the death of one of the greatest Muslim Philanthropists of our generation, the biggest individual contributor to the building of the UCH Mosque, the Baale of Bódìjà, Balogun Mumini of Oyo State and former Director of the Centre for Islamic Information, Alhaji Omoba Baale Rasheed Adesokan. The sad event took place today at Ibadan.

    Plans are afoot for his Janazah at the UCH Central Mosque tomorrow morning (Sunday, March 26, 2023, Ramadan 4, 1444AH) Insah Allah. Exact time will be communicated later.*

    *All members of the UCH Muslim Community are encouraged to attend the Janazah and to pray individually and collectively for the repose of his soul.*

    May Allah, subuanah wa ta’ala, forgive his shortcomings, accept his ibadah and admit him to Aljana Firdaosi. May Allah bless all he left behind. May Allah accept all his numerous philantropic acts as acts of ibadah.

    A kú ara fẹ́ ara kù.

    Dr. Abbas Abdus-salam
    Chairman, UCH Muslim Community, for the Governing Council.

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