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22 Cogent Reasons Why Kehinde Olaosebikan Is The Best For Oluyole Federal Constituency


1. He is the only person among the aspirants that is capable of attracting, seamlessly a good number of members PDP and other parties to our great party. This is what we need to win the firstelections, overwhelmingly. With the first sets cleared, the governorship and House of Assembly elections would be a walk over.

2. Olaosebikan will make victory, certain and easy for us.
3. He is not tainted.  He has no enemy within the party. His emergence will enhance peace and unity in our party.  Nobody will feel bad or leave the party as a result of his candidature. He is a clean man.
4. He is a total grassroots politician with the best connections with the grassroots and the hoipolloi’s. Ibile ponbele ni
5. He is clearly the most popular politician among the aspirants and an established true friend of the masses. He relates with all without any air.
6. An incontrovertible son of the soil. His indigene ship of Oluyole Federal constituency is never in doubt. Both parents are from Onipe in ward 9. tiwa n tiwa ni.
7. As the chairman of Oluyole local government for less than five months, Olaosebikan is still rated as the most outstanding, cherished chairman in the history of the local government. Call me Kenny, as he is fondly called by workers and youths of the local government area.
8. Working with total dedication and commitment to the party, Olaosebikan served as the chairman of Strategy and Communications committee for the APC membership and revalidation exercise that succeeded in sensitizing and registered the highest number of members in the history of party registration in Oyo State.
9. Loyal to the core-Despite losing out in the chairmanship, governorship and house of reps primaries in 2018, he did not leave the party. He stayed put, contributing profoundly to its growth.
10. Since 1999 when Olaosebikan has been in Oluyole politics, he does not have a single personal group. A complete party man, he believes in using the party structures for all his political activities. We are having crises in the party today because those we put forward have replaced the party structures with their personal groups. When it is not something vanguard it is task.
11. He will get massive support from the traditional rulers whom he ensured had sumptuous lunch during their monthly meetings while he was the council chairman.
12. Olaosebikan will secure enormous votes for APC from women through the entire members of the National Council of Women Societies whom his wife provided with exquisite lace material gifts when he served as the council chairman.  The gesture was unprecedented in the local government.
13. With Olaosebikan as the candidate of APC, the landlords associations and various communities would gladly vote for the party to reciprocate the mutually benefitting relationship that Olaosebikan built and still sustained with them till today.
14. As the Asiwaju of Farmers in the local government, Olaosebikan will get the maximum votes of farmers who were highly impressed with the unprecedented support he gave to them while in the council.
15. Within 5 months as the chairman of Oluyole local govt, Olaosebikan extended hands of fellowship to all the major mosques and churches in the LG. He was turbanned as the Agba Akin Adini of Oluyole by all the Imams and specially recognized by the ChristianAssociation of Nigeria, Oluyole branch as well. Known for fairness, justice and equity, he will get massive support for APC from all the faith based organizations.
16. Olaosebikan is youth,  women and elders friendly
17.  He is the only aspirant with profoundboldness, courage and experience  to galvanize all the natural and material resources of the federal constituency and significantly move Oluyole forward.
18. He is a successful journalist with great influence among his colleagues locally, nationally and globally. His influence in the media would rub off on the party, our gubernatorial and other candidates. With him, we will have the media constantly on our side
19. He is a welfarist to the core with known accomplishments in the media both in Abuja where he worked as a journalist and in Oyo State where he served as Chief Press Secretary to Governor. He introduced a welfare scheme for journalists in Oyo State. Christened KO ( an acronym for his name, Kehinde Olaosebikan) the echeme is still being enjoyed till date.
20. He is competent, capable, caring and has the interest of party members at heart.
21.  He is God fearing.
22. Olaosebikan is a confirmed Man of the People.


Leader: Aliyu Bukola Adepoju

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