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2023: Why Tinubu Is Crucial To Yoruba’s Agenda — Ajanaku

Rotimi Ajanaku, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Oyo State, has described the national leader of his party and former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as a relevant factor in the actualization of Yoruba unity and agenda ahead of 2023 general elections.
Ajanaku, spoke in a lengthy statement he personally signed and distributed to journalists in Ibadan by his media aide, Prince Adebowale Adeoye.
Explaining that Tinubu is an indispensable catalyst to the actualization of Yoruba’s agenda in 2023 and beyond, he clarified many issues relating to the future of Yoruba as a tribe in the present Nigeria and as a nation in the future.
Hear him: “As Asiwaju Odo Oodua (Oodua Youths Leader), it becomes imperative that I speak on issues affecting Oodua states and Oodua agenda ahead of 2023. Other issues include unwarranted discussion on Tinubu’s presidential ambition and subsequent attacks on his person by some uninformed people and those planted by enemies to draw backward the progress and advancement of southwest region.
“Or can anyone tell me the essence of teaming up against Tinubu when no one has actually established any of the baseless allegations raised by his accusers. Having cold-bloodedness against Tinubu especially now when Yoruba ought to work together in realization of its projection in 2023 is unwarranted and it is against the spirit of our ancestors.
“Let me ask you a question, should we allow few politicians to deprive yorubas of our right just because of differences or rancor between them and Tinubu? How sure are we that it is not a case of enviness, or rivalry, or jealousy. I am not against the idea of criticizing Tinubu, but there is need to make whatever criticism they like to engage in to be constructive. We shouldn’t tolerate baseless and damaging criticism at this time.
“Whether we say Yoruba agenda or Yoruba nation, but are political issues and talking politics in Nigeria today, Tinubu is a Generallisimo and number 1 in the southwest. So a personality who is that relevant should be protected from political termites, looking for cheap means of gaining popularity and subsequently get their pocket loaded with dollars by their paymaster.
“Some of Tinubu’s accusers are not legitimate Oduduwans, some are planted to destroy Oduduwa structure like the case of Afonja-Alimi rebellion in Ilorin, some are envious of his achievements and his political strength is a big threat to some. We have some people who are being bereaved of ideas. How holily, righteously and unblameably are his critics.”
“In the past few weeks, a spate of reckless and malicious falsehoods, defamatory and misleading statements have been peddled in the media against Asiwaju Tinubu by various cliques.
“BAT is a political philosopher, he knows what he wants, how to get it. He picks best brain from every family or community in Yorubaland and beyond, put them on queue for grooming, use his machinery to get them to enviable positions in nigeria. He believes it’s a cycle that must continue to go round, but unfortunately after assuming exalted positions, some of the so called his boys or political sons believed they have what it takes to tackle him in order to plant their successor, the idea is to break the circle and deprive some families that are on the queue right to benefit from the ‘cycle of progress’. These are people who ordinarily couldn’t have won election to state house of assembly  not to talk of higher positions. They might be professionally competent but even in their chosen careers they were struggling for recognition before Tinubu picked them, besides, professional competency hasn’t any value in the dectate of the swinging of political pendulum.
“Some hate Tinubu for his political dominance and progression, while some say he control economy of any state where he has influence. This is arguable, base on the fact that most of the people helped so far by Tinubu are not his immediate family. Tinubu in my own view is lifting up Oduduwa sons and daughters, supporting them to occupy influential positions in Nigeria, believing it’s the appropriate way to develop Yorubaland and keep the economic power in the southwest. After all, the north already has political power, so having economic power residing in the south should never be a crime. This is what is missing in the southsouth, that led to foreigners taking over oil blocs in their land. Those in the southsouth are till date regretting not having a son like Tinubu who could have groomed, empowered and encouraged their children to own each of the oil blocs. The southeast on the other hand are regretting not having a political calculator, masero who would have applied every available tools to realize the region’s ambition of ruling nigeria. Meanwhile, the northerners are also not lucky enough to have a political gladiator of Tinubu standing who would have teamed up the one of the best sons ever from the north and best in his own time, the Emir of Kano, HRM, Dr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to reduce alimagiri by at least 60% and ensure that every community produce well-informed and competent leaders, charge them with responsibility of developing education and socioeconomic of their community. Identify and raise best brain and provide strong platform to push them to exalted position of state governor, instead of concentrating power to just a group, which subsequently enriching just a family in a state contrary to BAT ideology. Like Yoruba would say enitolori ko ni fila (he that has head lack cap). Yoruba is fortunate to be blessed with brilliant people in every area of life but we are not appreciative of God’s goodness towards us, instead we allow our enemies to penetrate through us to bring this great children of Oduduwa down and we keep accusing  some tribes or regions of betraying our leaders, whereas we are the instruments used to bring our own people down, bi Kiu ile o pani t’ode o le pani (it’s enemy within that aided enemy from outside).
“Another group of people are criticizing Tinubu for his closeness to the president. They see Fulani/Hausa as their enemies, alleged them of constantly betraying yorubas. But as a realist I have a contrary view on the believe that Hausa/Fulani have for long been betraying Yoruba, rather I see Yoruba problem as a case of enemies within the Yorubas. Yoruba has always been used against their brothers from the onset, who failed Awolowo, our people betrayed Awolowo in his struggle to become the president of Nigeria. How about MKO Abiola, if Babangida could be bold enough to mention names of those that advised against his handling over to Abiola we would be surprised that Yoruba will dominate the list. Babangida knew Abiola won the election, he wanted to hand over to him but there were some cabals who had helped Babangida in the past and he must obey them by yielding to their demand, who were these people, yorubas. No wonder, he said, “my hands are tight”, I pray Babangida would, before departing this world, mention everyone that responsible for the annulment of an election rated as the most credible, free and fair in the history of politics in Nigeria, the June 12, 1993 Presidential election. So why are we fond of blaming northerners for our peoples atrocities. Even if northerners are benefitting from our political miscalculations, that is not enough to point accusing finger at them, Yoruba believes “eni t’o gbe epo l’aja ko jale bi eni ran l’owo; the man who steal palm oil from the roof is not as liable/guilty as the man who assist him to put it on the floor. You helped people to bring your brother down and who still has the gut to accuse others of betraying your brother whom you worked against down. The more Yoruba continue to work against their greats the more we are far from becoming power decider in Nigeria.
“In addition, the act of betraying yoruba leaders in the past by the northerners was successfully carried out because the battle was lost right from home. Bi’ku ile o ba pa’ni t’ode o le pa’ni; eyinkule l’ota wa, inu ile l’aseni un gbe (it’s enemy within that aided enemy from outside). There could be some sensitive information manipulated by rivals within the yorubas to discourage the northerners from trusting yorubas. Same is going on now and must be arrested if we are sincere about our yoruba agenda against 2023.
“We have some people who ignorantly hate Tinubu for what they are going through in their various states. They attributed nonperformance of their governors to President Buhari and believed Tinubu played key role in his emergence as the president, hence they transferred the hatred and hostility to Tinubu. I think emergence of Engr Oluseyi Makinde of Oyo State should have cleared air on this. With the 5 star performance of Gov Makinde in Oyo State within 6 months of his administration despite being a governor over an opposition state it is crystal clear that those governors that failed in president buhari’s first term in office and those failing now should be held responsible for their actions and inaction. These governors were not deprived of their monthly allocation or other entitlements, some of them ventured into projects that added no value to the life of a common man but for their selfish interest. We should stop misplacing priority, state governors, state legislators and national legislators should always be held responsible for the suffering of common man and electorates. We are in democratic dispensation, they have right to ask question, write presidency for clarification and likewise come back home to address to who voted them to power, most of them are making little or no contribution to the success of this administration. Citizens should also know they have right to ask them questions. We need the support of all the legislators, representing southwest states at the National Assembly if yoruba agenda would be achieved.
“Tinubu’s contributions to the reclaiming of Oduduwa’s territory, development of Yoruba nation, uplifting and making of Oduduwa’s sons and daughters should be enough for everyone of us to specially celebrate this great icon and indisputable son of Oduduwa. 
“Since 1829 when Abdul Salami became Emir of Ilorin and pledged allegiance to the Sokoto caliphate, Ilorin subjugated several towns in Yorubaland and destroyed the Oyo capital, Oyo Ile (Old Oyo or Katunga), 40 miles northwest in 1837, I have not seen any of the Oduduwa sons who struggle to reclaim Ilorin by way of having influence on the choice of political leaders or traditional rulers for Ilorin and Kwara state in general, not until recent in 2019 general election when Tinubu influence successfully played crucial role in how electorates castes votes. With the backing of his leader President Muhammadu Buhari Tinubu had his way and made Oduduwa to breath a sigh of relief in his grave. Likewise Benin City, history proved Benin to be past of Yoruba territory but has been neglected by other defendants of Oduduwa, not until recently when BAT spread out his tentacles to the area and make great impact in the determining who administer the affairs of the state.
“Quite a number of Oduduwa sons and daughters got where they are today through the goodwill of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. There were some leaders before Tinubu that had contributed greatly to the progress of this region but no one has ever affected positively people’s lives as much as BAT had done, except Aare Afe Babalola. Afe Babalola is the only personality before Tinubu in that category. Afe Babalola today should be seen as the Aare Agba Oduduwa Kingdom/Nation (the President of Oduduwa Kingdom/Nation) considering the contributions he has made in the life of many and to the development of each state in the region. Though not a conventional politician but used his platform, money to ensure a number of yorubas get to the enviable positions in Nigeria. He lifted enviable size of legal practitioners to the pinnacle of their cereer, many became SAN, Judges, Commissioners, Ministers and successful lawyers through him. 
“FFK said this about Tinubu, “Tinubu, whether anybody likes him or not, one thing that you cannot take away from him, and I always tell people this. If you look at the ways in which he built up his lieutenants and put them in key positions, throughout the country, it is not just now. He started this long time ago. His own is to build you up. You are loyal to him, he builds you up and he puts you in a key position and he supports and stands by you. There is no other Oodua leader that has ever done that in my view. You can’t take that from Bola Tinubu.”
“Tinubu is a great thinker, a philosopher, his application of philosophy in his everyday life and the concepts and ideas might sound a little bit difficult to comprehend.
“Now is the time to settle all grudges and move the Oduduwa states forward. Yoruba has the political will now to determine how and who govern Nigeria as a nation. Uniting every group, every community, tribe in yorubaland should be of great importance to leaders of Oduduwa communities, bring all the states together as a region or nation irrespective of individual governor or political office holder’s party affiliate. There is need to identify economic strength of each state, area of comparative advantage and rally each state needed support to achieve their potentials. 
“When we put into consideration, climate, agriculture and natural resources, cultural and traditional heritage, Yoruba, among other ethnic groups in the world has what it takes to stay on top as the most successful tribe. The concentration of leaders in Oduduwa land should be changing the standard of living of every citizen in the region. To achieve Oduduwa agenda in 2023 and beyond all hands must be on deck to elevate the economy of the region, as it is known that agriculture remains the major occupation of the people of the region, leaders in Yoruba should come together to revive agriculture in each state. Record has it that in the past we were the global producer of cocoa, cassava, palm oil, maize, fruits.  
“Those that fought for the existence of the Oduduwa territory and many generations before us, will not be too pleased with the situation we are in today. We were meant to be the greatest asset of the Black man on planet Earth. But we have allowed enemies to use politics and religion to tear us apart. Yoruba has great potential more than any tribe in the world.
“Part of what I think should concern prominent yoruba leaders is how they would combine efforts with the political office holders and yoruba civil society organizations to create positive change in the well-being of the masses in yorubaland. 
“People should get one thing right, I am not here to soliciting your support for Tinubu’s presidential ambition but to call on every citizen of Oduduwa states to come together and let us end the tactics used since independence by our enemies to stagnate development and progress of Yorubaland, that’s disunity. 
“Whatever will be our agenda for 2023 whether Tinubu is contesting or we are supporting other candidate, it should be collective decision of who is who in Yoruba states. In fact Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu should put his ambition on one side and join forces to unite yorubas and work with great personalities in Yorubaland to return our divinely favoured land to where it should be in the comity of powerful nations in the world. After much consultations and dialogue 2023 agenda will naturally surface as a decision of all.
“It is important that we prioritize yoruba agenda over our personal ambition so as to make Oduduwa land great again. Our focus should be how to grow and develop economy of the southwest region (yoruba nation), improve the standard of living of every citizen of Oduduwa nation. We shouldn’t quick to forget that this region is the home of every firsts in Nigeria, even in Africa.
“Every sociocultural and civil society group should assume the responsibility of fostering peace among the inhabitants of Oduduwa land and lend great support to the masses, especially the underprivileged. This is what Yoruba Progressive Foundation (YPF) has been offering, granting interest-free loan to market women in yorubaland to ease them the burden associated with loans from Microfinance organizations. Even the capital will not be paid back to YPF’s account but kept in the account of the Market Women Association for recycling. YPF is founded by Oduduwa children in USA with the aim of giving back to the society that made them. This is worthy of emulation by everyone, in fact their action is a challenge to us all,” Ajanaku explained.
He explained further that “Every great movement starts with extraordinary people, everyone should aspire to be one of the great people that will return Yorubaland to enviable position. My love for Oodua states and the masses, especially the underprivileged in the society take preeminent over my political stand or ambition. I wouldn’t be surprised if I find my political associates and friends on the opposite side or they fail to be on the same page with me on some issues raised here.
“Yoruba remains the game changer and decider. The faith of this nation rested in the hands of Yorubas. Should Yoruba calls for pulling out of Nigeria any day, there wouldn’t be country called Nigeria again, Yoruba is the ionic bond holding all tribes in Nigeria together. No wonder you find other tribes living successfully in Yorubaland without fear of molestation or attack.
“In all of the travels I have made, I also have not seen a nation so blessed with the kind of climate/weather we have in Yorubaland. In the world (not Nigeria), Yorubaland has the best weather/climate for agriculture, natural resources and for habitation of humans and all forms of animals, even bulldog that hardly survive in some part of Nigeria, survive in Yorubaland. Although, western scientists keep away some facts from us but practically our cocoa, maize, cassava, oil are the best, likewise other of our agriculture produces and livestock. We have the largest farms for catfish in Nigeria and Africa. Our soil is naturally nutritious than any other soil in the world, our agriculture is based on organic system.
“Leaders of Yoruba states should come together to work out how they can help each state to maximize its areas of comparative advantage. Implement land use act, control the influx of outsiders, who have turned Yorubaland to residential region, perhaps due to insecurity they constantly experienced in their region, they keep acquiring every available land to build estates, mansions and institution. The idea is to kill agriculture in Yorubaland.
“Should yoruba put his house together, the race will become a threat for many nations in world considering the quality of his natural and human resources, agricultural prowess, rich culture. Yoruba is the ionic bond binding together all regions in Nigeria, keeping Nigeria together as a nation. 
“Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated into raising against ourselves . Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated by dubious and selfish politicians. They use religion, tribalism and politics to perpetrate their evil agenda. States in Oduduwa land should Emulate the current religions leader in Oyo State, the relationship has been very exceptional and noteworthy. The cooperation between the leadership of the two notable religions, especially the Chairman of the state chapter of CAN, Pastor Benjamin Akanmu and Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland, Edo and Delta is bringing development into the state and foster peace among the faithfuls of the two religions.
“Tinubu has distinguished himself in the region or yorubaland to serve as a leader for the people to copy. BAT’s achievement has created healthy rivalry among fellow political bigwigs to be the best in their state, region or yoruba land.”
“When there’s no dispute between yoruba leaders, coming together in defense of yoruba territory will not be difficult. To make yoruba states an enviable region among others our Obas should invite Tinubu along with other notable politicians to support the states’ governors in the region to lobby the federal government for grants, and soft Agric loans, fertilizer and seedlings for farmers to improve the local economy. The project will be used to empower the people to be self sufficient in production of food, create employment for young people by setting up small medium enterprises to stop rural urban youth migration,” he added.
Ajanaku also admonished the traditional rulers to distance themselves from any act that can ridicule traditional institution. 
“As custodians of culture, tradition, moral values and belief, yoruba Obas should be upright in the protection, defense and promotion of Oduduwa territory and inhabitants. This is the more reason why I’m of the opinion that our royal fathers should stayclear politics to enable them judiciously play the role of fathers and leaders as expected of them without favourism.” 
“Yoruba Obas should desist from bastardizing the history on yoruba’s origination, it’s a way of weaken the foundation and create loopholes for the aliens to poke into our affairs. The ancestors of yorubas and the lands’ deities would never be happy with any Oba found guilty of destroying the history of the land.”
“In the past, because of the positive functions they performed in their communities, traditional rulers used to be the voice of the grassroots and oppressed to the three tiers of government.  If the respect and support accorded traditional rulers by the government in those days will return, our royal fathers should assume now with all sincerity the responsibilities placed on their shoulders by the ancestors and Nigerian constitution. 
“If yoruba agenda will be achieved in 2023 the traditional rulers in yoruba lands have great responsibility of supporting reconciliation idea of His Imperial Majesty, Oba Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife who since his coronation as Ooni of Ife has commenced strategic reconciliation process to broker peace between yoruba personalities or group and ensure every issue or conflict is genuinely resolved. This he has successfully done in many occasions, his interest and love in protecting Oduduwa heritage and territory has no equal.”
“State governor in all Oodua states should encourage the young people to be custodians of the Oduduwa culture, insist on making Oduduwa traditional language as official language, this will boost the culture and tradition of Oduduwa. Ajanaku also urged the young citizens to also work hard to speak Oduduwa language,” he submitted.
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