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Why We Demanded For Hijrah Holiday — Group Replies CAN


A group, the Concerned Group for Justice, has explained that its decision to demand for the declaration of a hijrah holiday in the state is in a bid to call the attention of the government to the injustice failure to declare the holiday signifies.

In a statement signed by Mr. Ayodeji Oni on behalf of the group, he explained that he does not understand why the immediate past chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, in the state described the demand of the Muslims community as an attempt to cause religious problems.

He maintained that the demands of the group will only improve the mutual relationship and engender peace and harmony between various religious believers in the state.

The statement by the group read in parts:”If my falsehood enhances God’s truthfulness and so increases his glory, why am I still condemned as a sinner?”

“I was about calling the immediate past chairman of CAN OYO STATE a pathological liar until I read the above verse that established that he has a biblical reason to outrightly lie without blinking eyes.

“I can’t fathom a man who claimed to be man of God to consider legitimate demands of the Muslim community of Oyo state as an attempt to cause religious problem.

“This is the blackmail of the old and it will never work again. Calling attention to injustice require redress not misplaced propaganda and badly handled eye service

“Muslim community demanded for balanced in appointments of Commissioners . A situation where we have 4 muslims 14 commissioners remains unjust arrangements and we have no apology for that. Tell the world how that demand will cause ripple

“Muslim community called attention to lopsided appointments into chairmanship of Governing Council. Four Christians as against one Muslim. Is that what you define as perfect arrangement?

“That a critical community of faith is sidelined with audacity and impunity is to you a definition of justice. The Muslim community cannot be intimidated.

“Muslim community demanded that just a day in a year, Hijrah, be declared work free in oyo state of clearly Muslim majority.

“This legitimate demand of the Muslims notwithstanding the tolerated 104 days break ( Saturdays and Sundays) declared since colonial days and sustained for 60 years after independence in favour of Christians.

“These demands will rather improve the mutual relationship and engender peace and harmony .

“We can assure you propaganda, ouright denial and lies though over used strategy will never stop the Muslim community from making legitimate demand of Government of the day .

“We are not surprised at the position of Mr Benjamin Akanmu for it is affirming the unfairness of the current regime and hypocrisy of some men in collar.”

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