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VIEWPOINT: The Unkindest Cut | Mutalubi Ojo


“15.51 PM of Tuesday, the 7th August, 2018 was the lowest point of my life so far this year as I was pointedly called “A crass opportunist, a bigot, a turn-coat, an unprincipled slut, a dishonourable simpleton, a treacherous bigot, a serial betrayal, a drunkard, an infidel and a jejune charlatan.”

Et tute.. This is the unkindest cut of them all. 

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I am down but not out. So sad and painful. 

Am disappointed but not daunted oh. 

Lesson learnt: 

That there is no small politics o;  That all politics is local; That all aspects of our life is politics; That identifiable sworn enemies are by far better than pretentious friends and finally that being religious doesn’t translate to being godly while being an infidel doesn’t make one ungodly.

Now I believe that “if you want to know the true religion of any man, don’t look at how he worships or what he preaches, but how he treats his fellow human beings.”

Finally that nobody can fault that ageless and timeless words on marble that –

“Power must never be entrusted and or remain in the hands of those who profess to be Muslims and Christians if they are ungodly, unfair and unjust, but such powers should be entrusted to known infidels provided that they are godly, fair and just.”

I thank God that I met Islam before i met Moslems otherwise I would have confined and limited the word “Islam” to Moslems only.”

Adebayo Mutalubi Ojo is the immediate past Oyo State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice.

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