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Seyi Makinde, The Guv | Oludare Ogunlana


When you kickstart your administration on May 29, 2019, note that you have committed yourself to something greater than yourself and a need exists for you to work towards leaving an enduring legacy that lives forever. Your road will be rough, but your response within a hundred days in office could make or mar your administration. Hence, waste no time in blaming past administration but take responsibility and speak with actions that will have a positive impact on the lives of those who voted for you as the new face of Oyo State. I predicted your victory in my interview with the Nation News Paper of July 27, 2015, shortly after the 2015 elections.
Nigerians, especially Oyo State indigenes, are not asking for too much. They want a governor who will start to work from day one in the office. True leadership is about empowering people by providing them with opportunity, freedom, and security. We look for a leader who will improve and consolidate on past achievements and not who will continue to remind us about the recent failure of the previous administration. Our hope is fast rising because we are going to witness a break away from the era of broken promises, arrogance, and impunity. We need a listening governor and not a leader who claims to know everything. We need a leader who profits us, not the one who will harm us through his corrupt and greedy policy. Oyo State needs a governor who will help us to succeed, not the one who will defeat us. Please, think of how to give us the opportunity to our your people and not to take away from them what they have. We are optimistic that your administration will make us happy without cause to get angry.
Moreover, note that a leader can lose his popularity and honor if not cautious about who he appoints as associates. We pray that God Almighty will guide Your Excellency as you begin to select your aides and other people who will work with you. In the process of your selection of aides, please do take note of the six preservations which are called benevolence, righteousness, loyalty, trust, courage, and planning.
King Wen of Chou dynasty of the 11th century BC  asked T’ai Kung on how does one go about carefully selecting men using the six preservations; he gave the following answers: Make them rich and observe whether they do not commit offenses. Give them rank and observe whether they do not become arrogant. Entrust them with responsibility and see whether they will not change. Employ them and see whether they will not conceal anything. Endanger them and see whether they will not be afraid. Give them the management of affairs and see whether they will not be perplexed.”
Once again, Congratulations, Engr. Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde and “may your road be rough.”
God bless the people of Oyo State, and God bless Nigeria.
Dr. Oludare Ogunlana

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