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Owode, Oyo Intersection: Save Our Souls | Omo Iya Kunmi



Indigenes of Oyo town have always suffered and lamented the poor state of road networks in the town and its just so unfortunate that most of the roads rarely survive up to 3 raining seasons after their construction. While some of these roads have been abandoned when they became inaccessible, some are being continuously maintained by the citizens.

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The Owode intersection is not an exception. This road links the South west to the North. It is also the road that connects to Iseyin and Ibadan, and other neighboring communities. The road intersection is, no doubt, a busy road as it is regularly plied by heavy-duty trucks heading to and from the Northern path of the country.

‘Owode junction’ is now a sight of pity and it is becoming the commuters’ nightmare. The current state of the road is becoming responsible for immeasurable loss of manpowers and properties. Commuters are often caught in heavy hold-ups which, at times, last for hours. The particular intersection has also witnessed countless accidents. But do we wait until the road start claiming lives?

Funny enough, government functionaries and concerned authorities ply this road regularly. How come no one is talking or doing anything about this?

Who will repair this road?

Here is a kind appeal to concerned stakeholders, please help us! Come to our aid! Save our souls!


Hadji Omo-Iya Kunmi

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