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OPINION: Oyo And NURTW | Femi Akindele Lawson


Good Governance is not Rocket Science, it only requires putting people with Brains in charge, rather than some unprepared, and over-pampered owambe specialists or drug addicts.

Yesterday, Oyo State  government launched a new Park Management system to generate revenue from the motor parks across the state. While the ban on NURTW remains, the state rolled out a plan to engage consultants that will be collecting revenue on behalf of the state to boost IGR. Not random thugs.

The state appointed park managers in each 33 LGAs and two disciplinary committees. The park managers will work with consultants and they will be fully licensed by the ministry of finance. This is totally different from the NURTW arrangement that is now banned.

The new Park system has nothing to do with NURTW.

Revenue that used to be lost to NURTW will now be captured by the state and can be used to upgrade those parks.

There is no sane society anywhere in the world, except in Nigeria, where one of the most critical sectors of the economy (Transport) is completely left in the hands of illiterates and state sponsored thugs. Only in Nigeria.

The decision of the Oyo State government, would obviously improve the revenue drive of Oyo state and her local governments.

One hopes other States will in the nearest future go this route, except in Lagos where NURTW has become a government of its own and their activities fully aided by the political actors in the ruling party in the State.

O’dabo 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

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