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Olumide Ojerinde: Standing On The Shoulders of Giants, Jinx Breakers | Kunle Animashaun


The Great South African leader, Nelson Mandela was reputed to have enthused in one of his awe-inspiring aphorisms that “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. Perhaps, sensing the usual air of resignation in his constituency’s second term contestation; Honorable Olumide Ojerinde seems caught up in the Mandelian world of endless and abundant possibility.

Conscious of the subtle and counterintuitive power of pessimism and cynicism in matters of jinx breaking, the performing people’s representative knew too well to stand right on the shoulders of giants; giants whose transformative strides were ticked to be off-kilter, outlandish, and otherworldly by their traducers. Clearly, the revered Lawmaker utterly understands his place on the threshold of history.

Impressively and acutely aware of the existing, burning sentiment in his quest to transform the status quo. Better informed about the raging feelings and emotions to slaughter development on the altar of rotation; Honorable Ojerinde has continued to play a rare kind of politics never before seen in the history of the constituency, planting the seed of progress in the agrarian community in an unprecedented way.

Similarly, history is replete with relentless people who defied odds, dare greatly, and achieve the impossible. Most scientific and technological breakthroughs owe their successes to the audacity of people who see the world as it should be and not the way it is. Barrack Obama’s audacity of hope is a sharp and clear reminder of the tremendous power of possibility. In a country sharply divided along with class and race, Obama’s triumphant entry into the US most coveted office in 2008 was nothing short of strong determination. The story of how the US elected its first Black President has become lore. But the idea of jinx breaking is not an exclusive reserve of the United States of America.

In Oyo State, it took 36 years of politics and politicking to smash the second term jinx forever. When in 1979 Chief Bola Ige was sworn as the first democratically elected Governor of Oyo state, little did he know that it would take three decades and six years before what appeared impossible at that time would be thrown into the dust bin of history. Late Senator Abiola Ajimobi achieved the impossible by breaking the second term jinx in 2015.

Simply, as it is possible for those personalities in the past, likewise, it is possible to even now and in the future. Only the candidacy of Honorable Olumide Ojerinde brightly represents and reflects that future; he should be voted for.

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