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Nigeria At 60 : Cracks And Calls For Freedom | Samuel Olowolayemo



At a time when the most populous African Nation ‘celebrates’ her diamond jubilee of Independence from remnants of its colonial masters, it is worthy of note to look critically at the agitations, for yet another freedom, from colonies of the 1914 amalgamation that make the contraction called Nigeria.

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It is appalling that the voice of secession is suddenly towering at a pitch higher than yearnings for accountable and responsible governance, even at a point incessant hunger and economic hardship, met with the wake of Covid-19 earlier this year, have rendered so many a conscience repressed or rather dead. Well it’s also rather unfortunate that concerned individuals who are awake and so believe in the workability of Nigeria are either gaged as in media practitioners with the Hate speech bill, or met with tear gas, incarceration, by the Nigerian Police Force as in activists and Nigerian students involved in protests.

The cracks in the Unity of Nigeria as a Nation is not far fetched, from marginalization to nepotism to corruption to insecurities and to sectionalism which has made the generality of the people lost trust in the government of Nigeria led by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, Rtd. As opined by Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the call to mend the cracks is very imminent. I’m of the opinion that aggressive calls for secession will further heat our fuming polity and might be a call for war actually, civil war and increased tribal hatred. Besides, the wedding treaty of the Southern, Northern protectorates was done with mutual understanding and not war. We shouldn’t be surprised if the call for Oduduwa Republic kick-starting today be met with same disdain as with agitations for Biafra along the line, tending warnings issued by security operatives headed predominantly by Northern officers whose tenure has long expired —This will lead me to next paragraph and point.

The cruel massacres spanning over a decade that has made some parts of the North Eastern country a desolate and habitat to terrorists, whose wave seem to be sweeping down the South, necessitated the creation of the South West Security Network codenamed Àmòtékùn which is to checkmate the excesses of the fleeing marauders from the North in search of pasteur and security for their herds and selves. Excesses ranging from feeding on farmlands, causing clashes between them and farmers, to allegations of these marauders involved in criminal activities like kidnapping and other vices. The creation of this security outfit is an attestation to the fact that there is heightened suspicion in the Land, causing uproars against many policies of the government : ranging from CAMA Law 2020, Water Resources bill, Hate speech bill, Social media bill and so on. When Nepotism and seeming favouritism over a section of a State abides, distrusts and agitations for secession along ethnic and even religion divides is inevitable.

As Lai Mohammed declares a low-key one-year celebration of the 60th anniversary of Nigeria, it is impedient to ask ourselves if truly we are independent.
Should we confer hardships on the citizenry with humongous taxations and tariff hikes for the sake of taking loans from the IMF, World bank and even go to the extent of staking our Sovereignty for China loans?

Dear Nigerians, in spite of all challenges bedevilling sectors and institutions of our dear Nation, the unity of our Nation and peace as a people is sacrosanct. Remember there was a country, Nigeria, that once worked and stood tall in the class of Nations. With Love, patriotism and sincerity we can co-exist peacefully and make Nigeria great again. United we stand, divided we fall.
Happy Independence.

© Samuel A. Olowolayemo

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