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Makinde Borrows Oyo People Into Servitude | Asimiyu Ladepo



Before he even formed an EXCO, Makinde had borrowed N10 billion.
Then in October of same year (2019), he borrowed N7.6 billion.
Three months ago, he borrowed N22.5 billion.
And now, he is borrowing N100 billion.
I will let you mathematicians work out the total for an administration that is only one year and three months old. I think it comes to roughly N130.1 billion.
A couple of questions that every Oyo indigene must ask:
1. What has Makinde done to improve Oyo’s earnings…Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)?
2. How much of the debts he met has he paid?
3. How does he plan to repay the ones he’s incurring now?
4. How is he different from other cowardly, lazy governors who have no intestinal fortitude to take the bold steps needed to earn money for their state?
5. Did he tell Oyo people he would “borrow them” into servitude when he was campaigning?
6. Didn’t he tout his business acumen as a candidate? Was this the way he ran his own business?
7. Has he even tried to collect all available revenues in the state, particularly income tax from the rich, including he himself?
No, borrowing is not entirely bad if you are going to invest it in a way that directly pays for itself…like build a road and install toll booths. But if you are borrowing to give away for free and be popular, you are a dirt bag. You are a dirt bag if you do it on your personal account. And you are a dirt bag if you do it as governor.

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