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In Ajimobi, Ladoja And Akala Is The Character Of Oyo Politics | Edmund Obilo


Oyo State politics is defined by different interests and leanings. It offers insights into the quest for political power and its deployment.

In the actions and inactions of Ajimobi, Ladoja and Akala, you find the character of Oyo State politics.

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In Teslim Folarin, Seyi Makinde and Bayo Adelabu you find the struggle to be part of the past. In the challenge of Femi Lanlehi, is the reluctance to prove that he is not part of the plot by the elite to make the people poorer.

The poverty the people suffer is a consequence of the flaws of those who govern. They are found in the major political parties.

Oyo State politics therefore represents the low level of understanding of the devastation of poverty as result of pedestrian politics. This is the system where Rasheed Ladoja exudes so much energy to dictate his interest. He cares not about who ox is gored. You either accept his terms or he moves on. In leaving the Accord for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the platform he used to become governor in 2003, Ladoja exhibits a political brinksmanship that displaced him.

When it became clear Seyi Makinde will pick the PDP governorship ticket against the wish of Ladoja, the Ibadan high chief moved his wandering political caravan to the African Democratic Congress (ADC). If the Zenith Labour Party (ZLB) is his last option, it means another trying journey for Baba Ladoja.

Ladoja has refused to grow old. He loves politics more than kingship. How the Lamists (followers of the ideals of Lam Adesina) troubled Ladoja in ADC must be exciting to the ears of his staunch political enemy, Abiola Ajimobi, the governor of Oyo State. Trust Ladoja, he does not care. Ladoja has confidence in himself.

Will Ladoja’s over confidence finally mar him politically?

I wait to see the stunt he will pull this time.

How Ladoja and Ajimobi display their ugly politics is in their fight to out do each other. Ajimobi takes no prisoners. He is the constituted authority and does not pretend about it.

While Ladoja dares him always, he remains stubborn to his style. He does not run away from a fight, but retreats when the damage is done, then start explaining how a donkey went on a journey with his master who was subjected to emotional abuse. Ajimobi has a story for every situation. Hate him or like him, he will make you laugh.

While Ajimobi found a new partner in a former governor of the state, Otunba Alao Akala, he forgot how ambitious Akala can be. Now that they have broken ranks, what structure of government is expected cum 2019? Will any party muster the majority to lead the Oyo State House of Assembly?

The picture appears hazy now but the days ahead will reveal more. Meanwhile, Akala’s candidacy is challenged by what some call his financial recklessness when he governed Oyo State from 2007-2011. That not withstanding, he seems to like being referred to as ATM.

In this period of hardship I see many moving to the ATM.

Who does not like using ATM? As you go near ATM know that the cameras are watching you.

In this period of severe hardship, I see a people wandering aimlessly to build a nation.

I see no resolve. 

I see no attitude to redemption.

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