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How I Worked As A Taxi Driver With My Dad — Woli Agba


Gospel comedian and skit maker, Ayobami Ajewole has revealed that he once worked as a taxi driver with his late father.

Woli Agba, as he is fondly called, revealed this in a story he recently shared to his over 3 million fans on Instagram during a live interview session.

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The content creator recounted how growing up was difficult for him and how God transformed his life.

“I think for the very first time my dad heard that somebody called me a wretched boy that I am from a poor home, I think for the first time that will be the first time I saw my dad cried like a baby, my daddy cried and I was moved to tears in fact, as I remember now, I feel like shedding tears again. I have never seen him cry like that, he was crying and holding his head my mum begged him,” he began.

“I grew up in a home whereby the very first time where it looked like God has answered our prayers, somebody dashed us a car, it was a bluebird Datsun, that we should be going to the church that the distance from our house to the church was too far and he gave us a car but my dad saw the need for us to live and my dad asked a question, he said who will go and learn how to drive? I thought it was a good thing so I agreed to learn not knowing that there will still be a reason for me to bend away from my original calling.

“My dad told me there is a reason for me to become a taxi driver, I became a taxi driver because we had to eat at home in-fact my mum argued with my dad many nights that my son cannot become a taxi driver but daddy told her, that is the only thing we can do my dad is not alive today, it was too much that the only thing he could do then was that when I was going out on my taxi business my dad will seat in the car as one of the passengers just trying to monitor me so that he is going to collect money on my behalf, he will now ask me ‘car owner can I help you collect money, we were acting a drama in the car I will tell him to thank you, sir, you can help me collect it’ and he was my dad, we did that for so many months and it was going like that…I was just hoping okay it is going to be good very soon.


“One of the things I do not like to remember most times is the fact that my dad did not wait to eat all of this, I just wish he was still alive to see what God has been doing. God is faithful. So the Woli Agba you are seeing today was once a taxi driver, I have never said this in most of my interviews, this is the first time I am saying this, I keep this away from people but I was once a taxi driver.”

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