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GSM And His Four Bus Terminals | Sulaiman Abiodun Oyaremi


I decided to go against my resolution to limit my advice to the current government of Governor Seyi Makinde (usually referred to as GSM) to a weekly event. This post is brought about by the approval announced at the end of today’s executive council meeting by the Oyo state government to construct four bus terminals to four locations in Ibadan. The location of the proposed four ultra-modern parks are Iwo-road, Challenge, New Ife-road and Ojoo.

Several questions are begging for answers regarding this announcement when i read it.
Few days ago, demolition of existing shops commenced in iwo road which led to some Muslim groups becoming agitated on the likely demolition of the central mosque located at the same premises where demolition was taking place. Oriyomi Hamzat reposted a message extolling the manner and approach with which the government carried along shop owners who all hailed and supported the government decision in demolishing the shops. The demolition was said to be in preparation for the construction of an interchange to ease transport and provide security in the area.

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However, the whole issue becomes cloudy and dramatic this morning, when the state commissioner for Public Works, Infrastructures and Transport, Prof. Raphael Afonja briefed the public that the approval had just been given for the construction of “Transport Interchange”. If the approval for the construction was just given this morning, who authorized the demolition that started few days ago and who is the contractor handling the job?

It’s quite unfortunate that this kind of activities are taking place in a state like Oyo, that has several eminent professionals in all fields of works. While briefing the public about the construction of the ultra-modern bus terminals, the silence on the name of the contractor that was awarded the project and the contract value is noted. I strongly believe this is not accidental but deliberate. History would not be kind to us if we also maintain same evil silence at this time.

For clarity of diction, we want the government to make clarification on nexus or otherwise, between this new project that was approved today and the demolition that started few days ago in iwo road, bearing in mind that this same location is part of project mentioned in today’s approval. Secondly, details of these four bus terminals projects are requested by the citizens of the state, are the four locations given to one contractors or to different companies? What is/are the name/s of the contractor/s? What’s the value of each or all of the projects? Clarifications on all these issues are germaine, otherwise, it will be perceived as if the government is just anxious to create list of ongoing projects for his one year achievements in office during the one year anniversary coming up in few days time.

The selection of locations for the projects and other related issues on he projects would not be raised now to avoid making the issue too clumsy for understanding.

I seek God’s guidance for the government in the genuine effort to make Oyo state better

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