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Group Hails Makinde’s ‘Considerable Achievements’ In First 30 Days


A socio-political group under the aegis of Seyi Makinde For Good Governance has justified the first 30-day of swearing-in to office of the Governor has milestones, having been a staunch advocate of political service with human faces and by extension, submit his scorecard for public scrutiny.
Upon assumption of office, Makinde promised to ameliorate the agony of the citizens and residents of Oyo State.
The group, in a release signed by spokesman of the group, Comrade Samson Atilola Olusegun, describes Makinde as People’s Governor, stressing that he has exemplified excellence in governance ever since he assumed office.
The group listed some of the landmark’s attainments including the cancellation of N3000 coupled with entry forms to high schools across Secondary schools in Oyo State, prompt payment of workers  salaries ,pensions and other emoluments.
It asserted that the appointments made so far by the Governor are round pegs in round holes.
The statement reads:
Governor Seyi Makinde’s Giant Strides : First 30 days in office. The foray of Governor Makinde into office 30 days after has left anyone in doubt of his cheer tenacity and dogged determination to offer leadership with a difference, which has revolved around selfless service, accountability, transparency, resourcefulness, and team-spirit. This accounted for his remarkable stance to put paid to bad governance recorded in the last administration during the reign of the All Progressive Congress in Oyo State. Being a staunch advocate of service and accountabilty in governance, Governor Makinde has deemed it fit to offer political service with human face and at the same time, ready to summit igr scorecard for public scrutiny. As efforts to raise the bar of good governance remains unceasing ,the good people of Oyo State can now examine Governor Makinde to be responsive to the varying plight of the people and humanity as a whole.
In his first 30 days in office, the indefatigable Governor has recorded appreciable feats which tell on the wellbeing of the generality of the people.
Recall that, in the just concluded polls, the eligible voters deliberately sent packing the APC Government in Oyo State by making their inestimable choice in Governor Makinde. There was a leader at that time, but the people were not satisfied with that leadership, they decided to change and he would not not betray the confidence and trust entrusted in him .
Here are Governor Makinde’s Scorecard within 30 days in office:
i. Stoppage of N3,000 conditional fees :
Makinde led administration believes education is a major industry in the state but the anxiety that trailed the policy initiated by the last administration was outrageous and lethal dose.
It was under that condition that, the present administration under the watch of Governor in tandem with the wishes and aspirations  listened stick with the people and directed the appropriate authority to reverse the policy forthwith.
The cancellation of the conditional fees initiated by the past administration under the leadership of the All Progressive Congress in Oyo State despite the protest and outcry has now put a relieve to the plights of the parents particularly the downtrodden.
ii. Donation of salary to the Teachers Pension Fund:
Governor Makinde out of his magnanimity has also put smiles on the faces of the Pensioners in the state following the declaration that he has donated all his entire salaries to the Teachers Pension Fund as against what was dwelled on the past by the previous governor.
iii . Declaration of Entry Forms For Schools Free.
In fulfilment of his electioneering campaign pledges to promote free and quality education to ensure that the state assumes its pacesetter status in the education sector for the benefit of the citizenry of the state.
It is an unmatched record in the history of the state to have declared the entry forms into the state’s schools of science and junior secondary schools free by Makinde led government. Funnily enough, he also directed that, fees earlier paid by the categories of students be refunded by the management of the respective schools .This is a very difficult decision but necessary in the interest of the people.
iv . Prompt  Payment of Salaries and Pensions :
Leading credence to Governor Makinde’s electioneering campaign promise to enhance the welfare of the workers including the Pensioners, the present administration ought to be hailed to that effect . For the first time in the history of the state, the workers and pensioners received alert on the 25th of the month.
v . Makinde has no God father:
The administration of Governor Makinde has separated godfatherism and government unlike in the past that, the Executive Governor were subjected to undue pressure and became stooge to a godfather who ran government from his comfort zone with a vested interest. 
vi. Recent Appointments- Round Holes.
The  appointments made so far by Governor Makinde have been round pegs in round holes, having appointed men and women of substance who are strategic thinkers and have the clue to take Oyo State to the new dawn.
The new appointees will no doubt make more difference. Governor Makinde would make incalculable damage, as well as breed mediocrity and incompetence if he appointed those whose hacks are to only hijack the system .
It is on record that, women have not achieved it so good in the state, having appointed women as the Head of Service and the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) simultaneously, this is a clear indication that Governor Makinde is ready to balance the gender inequality that has been recorded in the state. The feminine appointed as the SSG has a wide range of experience in private and public services and it is expected that, she add value to the transformation agenda of Governor Seyi Makinde.
Signed by Comrade Samson Atilola Olusegun.
Spokesman For Seyi Makinde For Good Governance, SMMFGG

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