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Group Commends Makinde For Botswana Trip, Says Ajimobi Embarks On ‘Fruitless’ Foreign Trips


A pro-Seyi Makinde group, Seyi Makinde Movement For Good Governance, SMMFGG, has commended the governor-elect for his trip to Botswana, even few weeks before his inauguration.

Comrade Atilola Olusegun Johnson, in a statement, said the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the outgoing administration to desist from condemning someone who has not been inaugurated.

We, the faithful members of the “Seyi Makinde For Good Governance” would not have ordinarily reacted to the wide spread politics with bitterness/expensive joke associated to the foreign trip embarked upon by our God’s loving and People-oriented Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde who will by the special grace of God take the mantle of leadership next month, but it is very important to preserve the dignity of the Governor elect and we would it difficult to ignore the disgruntled elements and jesters who are engaging in the bitter politics and calumny.

In a nutshell, we would love to put the records straight:

It is on records that, the outgoing government embarked on countless unproductive foreign trips . Barely eight years in office, the outgoing Governor who junkets around the world has been to different countries in the hope that he would woo investors to the state but all to no avail.

Despite being re-elected, the outgoing government parades mediocre performance and it is leaving bears a grave responsibility for the incoming government to be led by Engr. Seyi Makinde.

We,therefore, wonder why a failed government and its supporters would be querying a government that is yet to be inaugurated in the name of heating up the polity.

Makinde embarked on the foreign trip financed with his hard-earned money to Botswana as one of the countries with highest growth rate and credit rating in Africa .

This is a country which has been rated as the least corrupt in Africa with considerable standard of living.

This is a country that injects revenues averagely from Minerals , the diversification we have been advocating in Oyo State.

This is a country with larger Livestock and the Regional Headquarters of Big mining companies are still situated in Botswana.

In the light of the above, why would any sane government criticize the pre-working visit of Makinde to the country where the new government can learn from for diversification?

The outgoing government does not have a foresight and never plan for the raining days. She only depends predominantly on the Federal allocation, Paris Club fund, and Bail out for her sustainability.

What were the resultant effects of the foreign trips embarked upon by the outgoing government?

To clear all doubts, Makinde is a visionary and purposeful leader who will lead by example, add value to our Natural and Mineral Resources.

Signed – Comrade Atilola Olusegun Johnson.

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