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Davido’s My Daughter’s Dad, She Hasn’t Started School At 5— Ibadan-based Baby Mama


Ayomide Labinjo, one of the baby mamas who claims popular musician David Adeleke is the father of her five year old daughter, Aanuoluwapo Mitchelle Adeleke is requesting for another independent  DNA test  to subtantiate her claims about the parternity of the girl.  

Ayomide 27, while speaking with journalists in Ibadan, insisted that Davido was responsible for the pregnancy but he has been denying it.

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Speaking in emotional laden voice, Ayo said “we first met at Club Ebevande from where we proceeded to Genesis Hotel in Ibadan and later at GQ  that day. We slept at Development Support Centre in Iyaganku area, he never gave me a penny.

“When I realized I was pregnant, I told him and he blocked me from communicating with him. He later unblocked me again and later blocked but on the christening day of the child  he spoke with me and later when i brought the issue of the girl up again didnt talk to me again.

Asked why she didn’t resist having raw sex with Davido which resulted into the pregancy, Ayo said he told me that he doesnt have any diseases, though he was drunk and I thought if I deny him, he may attack me.

Ayomide who was in company of her mother, Mrs Ropo Labinjo and her publicist Kemi Olunloyo said further that she is not interested in being Mrs Adeleke but all she want is Davido to accept the paternity of the baby and perform his reponsibility as a father.

Her mother, Mrs Ropo Labinjo, while speaking on the first DNA test whose result was negative said she suspected foul play and wouldn’t mind an independent organization to carry out the test without anybody’s interference. 

“For five years now, I have been traumatized, I couldn’t sleep deeply because it’s worrisome that my own daughter, daughter of a Professor of Sociology is is going through such, it’s painful and the only thing that would make me happy is if this matter is settled”

“I have approached many people including the head of Adeleke’s family and Timi of Ede to wade into the matter and they are making progress but I want this matter resolved as soon as possble and I feel one of the way is to conduct another DNA test.”

“The liitle girl has not been going to school because of fund even whenever she took ill it’s somehow difficult to take care of her because there is no money. Me and her mum have been teaching her at home 

Aanuoluwapo who will be 5 on 19th November said “I want to see my Dad. I am missing him, I want him to give me money, big money and my grand mother too and pay money for my school and bicycle.” 

Her favourite song is “Assurance” and obviously she want  a beautiful future  assurance from her too.

Kemi Olunloyo, who  was the family publicist said her concern about the paternity of Aanuoluwapo is not because of having issues with Davido sometimes ago but because of the future of the girl.”

“So many women are victims of this ungodly act and they are suffering in silence although some of them jump at stars but that doesn’t mean their child should not enjoy the right to live without paternity crisis.

“2face is their leader and father in everything, he has so many baby mamas but he doesn’t deny any of them. He takes care of them and perform his responsibilities on them.”

Although David could not be reached but a source close to him said Davido was available for the DNA test when the baby was 10 month old and the test was negative and doubt if he could be available for another DNA test again.

Olunloyo also told our reporter that a popular entertainment guru in Ibadan who also have afinity with the Adeleke’s family in Ede is wading in and promise that the matter will be settled soon.

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