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Arapaja, LAUTECH, GSM And The Turning Point Between Political Action And Will | Isiaka Kehinde



It was the great Boethius, who once said that” none of the things, some people take credit for really belong to them “.

It may be difficult to define in concrete terms what the political will is , it is an amorphous concept sometimes elusive. It’s one of the coded theories.But really, Not all political actions denotes political will , that is why in any political context , political will is always treated as an end it self ,not as a means to an end .it originates from the will of the people or determination to do something to a logical conclusion. Whereas, political thought is just having a noble mind, expressing it to it’s end is tantamount to a political will.

One should not be in a footslog on the terminology of political will . When there is a will , there is always a way . It’s a common maxim that speaks louder on the political will . It is different from political wish because it combines the practice of willing with results.

Having said this , I will like to refer to what former Ambassador Arapaja said about the political will and why Rousseau once argued that , only a true action begets a true will and what seems like ranting of a pesky insect on line.

It must he made abundantly clear that not every political action ends in political will just as it is not every attempt that results in scoring goals on the field, this is not to say that the efforts of others have to “wither away” . It is just to affirm what political will as a concept implies and to clear the linguistic muddle.

It should also be noted that ambassador Arapaja has always been part of the past administration as a grinding system and have the stats on his palms .He has the parenthetical details of what went on when he was in power as well as when he bowed out of office. its is incontrovertible that the writer mentioned that Arapaja was a product of Adedibu,s school of politics, but his meteoric rise into stardom was because he’s unrepeatable and “knows his agenda” and was pressing as Carl Jasper says “beyond every reasonable doubt “so it was a gross misconception to think that the strong man of Ibadan politics just wilfully brought him up unmerited inspite of the closeness of the latter to Pa Oladejo Arapaja who happened to be the biological father of Taofeek Check out.

Arapaja is just a platonic realist who is saying it as it is and without “gilding the lilies nor building a sand castle ” Therefore, it will be a big disservice to him to consign his utterances on LAUTECH to a pysche tomb or erroneously imputed it “was an height of illogic” . Please bear in mind that he was not trying to rubbish the effort of others who had already made efforts to make Oyo state a sole owner of LAUTECH but in relative modesty, he was praising GSM for being a tenor in the quartet ,, so one should stop the visceral comment or amphibious attacks on the referred gentle man in a futile mean “to rewrite history in a hurry” while it is incontestable that it was chief Alao Akala as the governor that first muted the idea of Oyo State owning LAUTECH fully because he hails from there, his efforts met a brick wall. It was crystal clear that his best was not good enough as he failed to translate his political thoughts into political action . The writer may be right that the former governor has in abundance a financial will to build a teaching hospital but that does not ipsofacto translates to a political will . Chief Niyi Akintola SAN was apt to have said that “GSM has done what Napoleon Bonaparte could not do”. He was indirectly referring to the past holders of the exalted office who tried but in nullity to own LAUTECH. GSM deserves to be praised for the roaring victory . It will therefore be mawkish to rob the shine of victory of LAUTECH off GSMs feet because he used his tact and native intelligence to carry it to a logical end .

That Ambassador Arapaja is in politics today is just because “he has found his passion” and his moving from PDP to ADC was nothing to whinger about as it was done as his last resort . A sentient human being will not stay in the kitchen when it’s pipe hot. Even the ethical philosophy of situationism states that” an organization man’s attitude is determined by the situation he finds himself” . PDQ.

Instead of trying to dress down the former ambassador, our problem may be partially solved if we begin to see him as leader of leaders with an uncommon air of carrying along his followers into wherever he’s going trim and trig as his rousy welcome back to PDP recently shows. No politician in history can boast of the quality of followership that Arapaja commands because large percentage of them are leaders in their own right , so don’t let us ‘pervert’ the perfect” in the name of scoring a cheap political goal . He is what Frantz Fanon described “as a good man who is always striving to bring a good society into being”. His present foray into politics fortells what a golden political future awaits him, anybody who is in doubt can find out.


I am isiaka kehinde,aka Mr Ethics, I think therefore I am .

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