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Ajimobi’s Daughter Flaunts Riches Like Confetti, Parties Like A Drunken Sailor


If Abiola Ajimobi sometimes forgets that he is the governor of Oyo State, his fun-loving daughter, Bisola Kola-Daisi, never forgets that she is Ajimobi’s daughter. 

Like the proverbial merry damsel who believes that she perpetually owes something to extravagance, Bisola covets luxury, scorns thrift and colours her days with adventure.

Yes, Bisola lives on the fast lane; everyday is a ball to the fun-loving wife of Kolapo Kola-Daisi, as she throws money around like confetti and parties like a drunken sailor. 

So popular is she in high society circuits that social butterflies of several shades and colour continually flock around her, feverishly seeking a taste of her wanton freebies. 

Be it a ride in her state-of-the-art cars or a seat at her table during her spending sprees, everybody seeks their share of the money and freebies Bisola throws around. 

It would be recalled that the fashion connoisseur, who is friends with a number of international celebrities including Kelly Rowland, made quite a statement when she was spotted at Kim Kardarshian’s much-talked-about wedding some years ago, wearing an haute couture Givenchy gown. 

The pretty mother of three, who is married to Kolapo Kola-Daisi, also generated a buzz recently when she dressed in a N1.5m mini dress to a party. The dress, Miu Miu embellished Printed twill mini dress. 

The mini dress is patterned with three key prints from the label’s Resort’16 collection— bold red stripes, swallows and a repeat illustration of a posed nude woman. 

Pundits argue that Abisola’s display of wealth seems inappropriate for the daughter of a public office holder, who is unable to pay civil servants’ salaries even as you read. 

Critics of her extravagant lifestyle also wonder why her father, who is widely known for his generosity and meticulous handling of funds, would allow his daughter to become a spendthrift. 

But that is simply hogwash in the charmed, privileged world of Bisola. Whether anybody likes it or not, her father is extremely loaded and Bisola, like the covetous heiress, has got the money habit.

Source: Thisday.

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