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Ajimobi: Opposition Doing Everything To Defeat APC


Oyo State governor and senatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Oyo South senatorial district, Abiola Ajimobi, has declared that Saturday would be a day of reckoning for the opposition in the state.

He said this on Tuesday while addressing a stakeholders’ forum at the Western House in Ibadan.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Ajimobi is the Oyo South Senatorial District candidate of the All Progressives Congress.

NAN reports that the postponed Presidential and National Assembly elections would now hold on Feb. 23.

Ajimobi urged APC leaders and supporters to remain steadfast and faithful to the course of the party by coming out en masse to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari to consolidate on the gains of the past four years.

The governor warned against complacency, adding that the “ desperation of the opposition to upset the applecart was unimaginable.’’

Ajimobi, who attended the APC NEC meeting in Abuja on Monday, said the national leadership of the party had given the state executive committees marching orders to reenergise the party’s campaigns.

He said that the APC was at peace with itself at the national and state levels judging by the huge turnout at its campaign rallies.

“The opposition has adopted all manners of subterfuge and empty rhetoric to mislead the people into supporting them without success.

“Our people have refused to buy into their deceits, hence their desperation and provocative statements.

“I want to appeal to you not to let off your guard for a moment until victory is assured in all the elections.

“We should not be complacent because the opposition is throwing everything into this election as if the world will end when, mark my word I did not say if, they will lose.

“This Saturday is a day of reckoning for the PDP for its 16 years of misrule.

“After ruining our economy and creating many loopholes and leakages that has pauperised the people and enriched their friends, they are now desperate to stage a comeback,” he said.

Ajimobi said the APC had in the last four years invested in the people at the national level and eight years at our state level, adding abandoned infrastructure and projects had been revived with many at different stages of completion.

“Saturday is around the corner. All APC leaders and members should go back to their various units and wards to solicit the continued support of the good people of Nigeria. That is the mandate from our meeting on Monday in Abuja.

“Be proud to be part of history by playing your part in the impending victory of Buhari and all APC candidates in the coming elections.

“I, once again, also urge you to vote for me on Saturday to represent Oyo South in the Senate,” he said.

The governor said that he had laboured hard in the past eight years to build a new Oyo State which he said had become a pride of the citizens and the toast of investors and visitors.

He pledged to attract more developments to the state if reelected as senator, urging

stakeholders to go back to their communities and re-energise the APC campaign till midnight on Thursday.

“Apart from ensuring pervading peace across the state, our infrastructural revolution has given every community in the state a sense of belonging and a fair share of the dividends of democracy,’’ he said. (NAN)



    How often people come with the notion

    “Leaders i.e. President and VP only make the difference”?

    This notion is promoted so much so that, a lot of people in the campaign train of PMB would come with the sentimental phrase “Vote legislators that would help PMB achieve his goal of a better Nigeria”. Thereby implying that we vote in candidates of the APC to the hallowed red and green chamber.

    But how do they expect the citizens of the pace setter state to live with re-electing the likes of “Mr Constituted Authority ” to the hallowed chamber with the sole aim of continuing his retirement sojourn? Remember, Sen. Ajimobi retired from corporate service before joining active politics.

    It is quite necessary that we reteirate to the naive citizens that the principal function of Fed. lawmakers is not to help Mr President, rather to serve effective representation of their respective constituencies. Hence, the need to vote worthy representatives in our respective localities.

    Virtually 90% of Fed lawmakers in office today’s victory was informed by the “Sai Baba” mantra. Yet, the cohesion between the Executive and Legislative arm was a total paradox. This explains that politicking starts all over again upon victory at polls, this time leaving the constituents out of the game. Hence, the need to vote worthy representatives as opposed to friends of Mr President.

    The foregoing brings me to address the popular TOP to BOTTOM approach to governance which makes us over emphasize the Presidency at the expense of local tiers of government. A critique of Gov. Ajimobi’s Oyo state must have taught us otherwise.

    Finally, going into 2019 elections, do not make the mistake of 2015.

    Vote not supporters, vote the CREDIBLE ALTERNATIVE.

    VOTE ADP !!!

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