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6 Viewpoints From Sunday’s Mayhem at Idi-Arere | Ore Lawal


1. Community Heads and Leaders must come forward more to cooperate with existing government structures for security. Most of these rival gangs thrive or not based on the inaction or participation of their host communities towards entrenching security. To unmask these ill-breds fast, the communities must get involved better.

2. Deliberately misinforming the people poses one of the most potent source of insecurity to lives and property in any city. And, it is high time we said NO to how politicians milk occurrences like this one for their desperate desires by misinforming the people. A Seyi Makinde for example should know better than crying foul at this moment to gain political mileage – that’s wicked, unfair and inconsiderate to the victims.

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3. CCTV is NOT instantly preventive. While we MUST condole with the loss suffered by the people, we should know that installing CCTVs at this hot spots will not IMMEDIATELY prevent crimes totally. However, what these CCTVs will do immediately and totally is punitive, and help the security agencies in their investigations leading to arresting the culprits. That is a certainty assured by what the CCTVs capture 24/7. Eventually, this greater assurance of punishment is what will then help discourage crime and lead to prevention of it. This is the education everyone, including opposition politicians, should be giving the populace, not misinform them for selfish reasons.

4. It will be utterly mischievous to berate the present government’s success on security in Oyo state, using one act of sheer recklessness from community-bred gangs. The fact that Ibadan, and Oyo state, has moved past the stain of chronic insecurity and violence within the past 8 years is a globally-acclaimed fact; anyone who thinks or says otherwise must suffer from pathological amnesia/memory loss. The Idi-Arere, Oja-‘gbo, Popoyemoja, etc, that we have today, are definitely NOT the terse ones we had then.

5. We citizens must allow the Operation Burst outfit do their job without disruption from emotional sentiments. A section of the populace towed the path of emotion and “complained” about their no-nonsense method the last time they rounded up these boys. We must NOT be seen to indirectly abet the delinquence of these gangs. The government powered Operation Burst for a reason, these reasons. 

6. After arresting and arraigning the culprits from today’s mayhem, the government must not rest on their oars; they MUST and put all hands on deck to ensure these rival gangs are sought to their nook and crooks. We need to find a way to totally discourage nuisance culture from our land.

Thank you.

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