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SOS, Gov Makinde! | Morufu Smith


Education is in tatters in the state. Irresponsible parents who withdrew their children from private schools to public schools because of Gov Makinde’s hasty pronouncement of free education and cancellation of a thousand per term fee are biting their fingers now. Schools do not get running grants. Educational infrastructures are dilapidated. Teaching personnel is in short supply.

All parts of Oyo state are feeling the heat of unending, blatant insecurity being perpetrated by hoodlums, with the alleged connivance of some government officials, and herdsmen, with the alleged connivance of community leaders and elders.

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Heaps of refuse are a common sight on medians of roads everywhere in the state. Mountains of refuse are left uncleared for some days, constituting health hazards to the citizenry.

Small scale businesses and petty trading are disappearing as shops and stores are being closed down due to the activities of the hoodlums and bandits. A visit to some areas in Ibadan will confirm this as people are forced to vacate their homes and shops since they are being vandalised. Yemetu, Oranyan, Akanran are some of the places where miscreants vandalised shops and burnt them in broad daylights.

Chaos and disorderliness that had never been witnessed before are surfacing in Ibadan, especially. Even, when it’s not rush hours, traffic of vehicles build up at every roundabouts and junctions.

Street trading is at its worst in Oyo state as we speak. Street traders are fighting for spaces with motorists on the roads. Petty traders have returned to Under the Bridge at Molete. Motorists beg to park at Gate, Oje, Oja Oba, Molete, Challenge, and other places since traders have displayed their wares by the roadsides, claiming half of the road.

If you’re a sincere well-wisher of Oyo state, these are serious issues we must not play politics with. No one is saying Gov Makinde is not doing his best but his best has been bad enough that the state has degenerated to these parlous conditions. It doesn’t require rocket science to get all these situations fixed immediately. Gov Makinde may have embarked on invisible massive road construction and rehabilitation, they will remain invisible if these issues highlighted above are left to fester and persist, especially the issue of insecurity.

Here’s calling on Gov Makinde to ACT now!

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