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OPINION: Tegbe In The Vile Perspective Of Fifth Columnist | Gbolagade Akinola


In a fast globalizing and competitive world,  the imperative of choosing a leader who is imbued with physical and mental energy to drive a state affair,  can not be over emphasized. 

The new search for leadership has gone beyond looking for those who are inept and unproductive, leaders who build on sandcastles.  The prime perameter for leadership now is to scout for a person who can make achievable realisable.   

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Oyo state, the pacesetter is lucky to have been governed by  a focussed and responsible leader with unquestioned political will in person of Senator Abiola Ajimobi.  The Koseleri governor with unparalleled achievements touching every stratum of development in the state.  The fact that Governor Ajimobi has raised the bar in the development equation of the state is too visible for a new emphasis.  

Explainably,  the giant stride of the Koseleri governor has continued to spur the yearnings of the good people of OYo state to have a successor of Ajimobi type who understands the terrain and have the knack to continue  the developmental pace. The people are clamouring for only a successor who will not ,in the words of Plato “ruin the good”i. This informed the major reason why all attention is now swivelled on Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe, a self assured, open to change and highly experienced person with superior intellect to continue the good work emplaced by the current administration.

Whilst the good people in their large number are routing for TEGBE to use his qualitative uniqueness of experience  in many interconnected fields to transform the state,  a few backwardly mobile political elements are only interested in pulling down the first class Engineer cum accountant.  They keep building false premises and stop at nothing to make the specious grounds valid in the eyes of the public.  But,  people are not unwitting as they think.  

The fifth columnist first came with the false information to hoodwink the people into believing that Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Oguntegbe leyin mi is not from Ibadan.  The refutation put forth by the the current head of TEGBE Family, Chief Akekaaka who forcefully shut  up the outrage mongers and  reassuringly inform the world that Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe hails from Ibadan in Oke Labo  and has its family link to Aba Akiode in Ona Ara local government still make no sense to the character less individuals who are hired to play the character -demolition  hatchet job. 

The eminent Ibadan indigenes under the umbrella of CCII,  the authentic Mogajis and several respected community heads that cut across the length and breadth of OYo state have thrown their weights behind Engineer Tegbe as the best choice to carry on the good pace set by Governor Ajimobi.  Yet,  the stiff -necked naysayers would not stop playing their destructive game. 

The good people of OYo state have unearthed the pillars of support for the paid pipers perpetrating evil plans to dishonour TEGBE.  The abetment is not giving in good faith ,it’s all about self interest .  They are the greedy political merchants,  who have a case to answer in EFCC as a result of a fraud case involving the money bag and the aspirant . It is their plan to  force their stooge on  the people as the next governor as a conduit to milk us dry.  This can not work in oyo state. Gov Ajimobi will not allow fraudulent moneybag to install their own and take control of government of oyo state. The moneybag   should go and install the governor of ogun state not oyo. 

One thing is crystal clear:, the bad mind of the evil people who can not distinguish truth from appearance can not alter the choice of God.  Vox populi vox dei.

Gbolagade Akinola, a lawyer, writes from Ibadan.

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