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CORONAVIRUS: Why Makinde Needs To Learn From Europe Before We Go To Czech Republic | Monsur Lawal



Death is inevitable, as our normal slogan always goes whenever the announcement of a deceased around us or from anywhere in the world is made. But the inevitability of it should not be taken for granted as many people have died untimely due to the nonchalant attitudes to things that matter.

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The coronavirus got to its pandemic state in less than two months of its outbreak, so sad that many African countries, Nigeria inclusive did not prepare for the unfortunate incident. As a Pacesetter State that exists within the Nigerian boundary, with an assumed ‘Human Face’ policy of the governor, it is of expectation that we should learn from the silly mistakes made in Europe before they got hit heavily by the pandemic coronavirus disease.

The stage which we are now, the United State of America, the United Kingdom, Italy and some other countries in Europe were there between December and January. They were having their normal day to day activities, sporting activities were on normal schedule until some of the players and coaches started testing positive of covid-19 and before you know it, the whole world has been infected, which way?

Aside from sporting activities, it was also recorded that a gay party that witnesses scores of participants held in Italy which makes it the beginning of their problem.

Governor Makinde has really done well in the aspect of shutting down of some places in the state which include the announcement of curfew between 7 pm and 6 am but this is not enough as there are a lot of things left unattended to.

The governor during one a phone call conversation on a popular radio station in Ibadan insisted that Oyo State will not be lockdown because he does not know who will benefit here. He even said we might go to the Czech Republic Way.

Mr. Governor sir, it will be good to let you know the status of our state in clear terms that, those market women, artisans, and drivers you feel you are trying to protect now are the most vulnerable to the virus at the moment.

Maybe you don’t know, take a walk to those popular markets in Ibadan such as Ogunpa, Bodija, Agbeni, Oje, and Dugbe, you will definitely shake your head and ask if we are on another planet having seen how the daily activities are been carried out, and without taking cognizance of the spread of this virus. Commercial drivers still carry passengers the normal way while they have no one to put them in control.

This is a time to be proactive and be firm in making a decision on things that matters.

While I pray that may Italy never happens to us, the sun is still enough to dry those wet clothes.

Mr. Governor should do the needful, let people stay indoor for a while and stop toying with our lives.

Lawal Akinkunmi Monsur

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