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Ajimobi: A Shining Light At 70 And Yet Another Jinx Breaker | Babajide Fadoju

Your Excellency,


I have often heard the saying that the most successful men are not those who have all the money in the world but those who by their actions and decisions have inspired others to be better.

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This is indeed my testimony of this great man as he clocks 70.

The calm tact, the clever professionalism, the fearlessness, faith unwavering and the deep thinking abilities that God has endowed Senator Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi with is one which I have witnessed firsthand, over and over again.

You are more than a dreamer, you, sir are a clever strategist that will draw the plan to bring dreams to reality.

Arghhhh Ajimobi…

My journey with you sir, is one that is known by a few, especially the Late Uncle Dipo Famakinwa, it is a testament that cements your character as one who will get the best hand for the job irrespective of tribe or other affiliations.

Over the years, I have had the rare privilege of not only working with you and for you. You have called me your son and I have held by my hand as you gave me the privilege of learning from you first hand.

I have watched your ways and I can only commend your thoughts. You are a shinning light, nothing less.

The rare privilege of walking with you is an opportunity that I will give up anything to have yet again, even in an alternate universe.

You showed care, love and a knowledge that only come from a deep-seated place of wisdom and understanding.

It is no surprise that you are an asset to Oyo state, to the nation as a whole and even to the continent with toot the blueprint you laid at Oil/Gas industry.

Your Excellency,

Everything you’ve touched and all that you’ve been committed to have one thing in common…… You have made them better!

The good people of Oyo State have now realized this and are more grateful for the service you rendered.

70 is the period when frailties begin to surface but I saw you a few days ago still looking as youthful and lively as 50. It left me wondering, it also left in me a certainty that there is still so much to be done and we can still count on our leading light to get it done.

And congratulations again for breaking the 70 year old mark (male). Long may this continue even as your siblings, relatives and family pass this mark too

This is to tell the world that I have worked with a sage, his name is Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi. This milestone is an avenue to do more!
Happy 70th birthday to a luminary.
Let me close with this short piece
….Like a star, he shone
He burnt brightly for others
For himself, he did no less
He was a shinning light in a dark world.

Happy birthday sir

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